Man electrocuted in Agat dies

Guam Fire Department (PNC file photo)

The man who was electrocuted in Agat last Sunday has died.

K57 sources confirmed from family members that the electrocuted man, Augusto Chaco Santos, has passed away.

The Guam Fire Department first reported the 911 call concerning an electrocution in Agat last Sunday at 10:55 a.m.

The man was electrocuted while picking breadfruit.

According to GFD, responding units were on the scene at 11:01 a.m. and CPR was conducted en route to Naval Hospital.

Agat Mayor Kevin Susuico told the Patti Arroyo show on NewsTalk K57 that it was still raining when the man attempted to pick some breadfruit while using a home-made metal home-picking device.

Guam Power Authority spokesman Art Perez has warned residents not to pick fruits from trees that are exposed to live electric wires.

He also advised residents that have overgrown trees brushing against power lines to not trim the trees themselves to prevent electrocution.

Perez said residents can call GPA at 475-1472 for assistance.