GFD Responds to 20-Foot Blaze in Harmon


The Guam Fire Department had a busy morning – as GFD units responded to a 20-foot blaze in the Roadside Towing Warehouse area near Fort Juan Muna in Harmon.

At the site of the fire is PNC’s Devin Eligio with the report on the blaze.

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GFD Spokesperson Nick Garrido – gave NewsTalk 57 listeners details on the Harmon fire. He said, “There was heavy black smoke, and units arrived on the scene not too long after the call was made.”

The emergency call was made a little before 7 o’clock earlier this morning.

Garrido told PNC that GFD battled the fire for 45 minutes to an hour before extinguishing the junkyard fire.

Vincent Santos, a mechanic, working in the area, told PNC that his 9-year-old son woke him up around 6 AM to tell his dad of the black smoke rising into the morning sky.

He described the fire as around 20 feet tall and 15 feet in circumference — burning 2 or 3 cars.

Santos said he used the nearby forklift to remove cars and tires to clear the way for firefighters,

Santos also witnessed the July 6th fire, sharing that it happened in the night as his family was winding down from the workday. He said, “At that time, we were preparing dinner. We came upstairs, and we saw it. You know, through the window, we can look down. So we saw the big blaze, and that’s when we called 911 as well.”

He told PNC that, with the people trespassing the junkyard to take fuel and spare parts, he believes the two fires weren’t started naturally — and instead were ignited by an individual.

Fortunately, according to Garrido, no one was injured during this morning’s fire.

He said there are no links between the two fires, and as of the broadcast, the cause of the fires is still undetermined.