GFD And Navy Helicopter Crew Rescue Stranded Hiker


Guam – GFD and Navy search and rescue units were activated Tuesday to rescue a stranded hiker on Mt. Lam Lam.

 GFD Rescue 1 and 3 were dispatched to the southern mountains along with Engine 5 and Medic 5.

According to a bystander, a group of local residents were hiking to Mt. Lam Lam when a 50 year old man slipped and fell injuring himself. The exact nature of the injury is not clear.

The man stayed back while other hikers left to call for help.

GFD’s search and rescue located the individual and stabilized him while a Navy HSC-25 helicopter was sent to air-lift the man from off the mountain side.

The man was hoisted into the heklicopter in a stretcher.

GFD Spokesman Joey San Nicolas says he was flown to Navl Hospital in good condition and his injuries were not life-threatening.