GFT Attorney Accuses DOE of Raising Bogus 12 Year Old Overpayment To Avoid Paying Un-Paid Furlough


Guam – The Attorney for the Guam Federation of Teachers, Robert Kutz, is accusing Guam DOE of trying to avoid paying about $865-thousand dollars he says the Department owes teachers for un-paid furlough 7 years ago.

 At a news conference this morning [Friday] Kutz accused Guam DOE  of  bringing up a 12 year old case in which teachers were over-paid by $1-point-5 million. The attorney claims that Guam DOE is trying to off-set what teachers owe the Department in that 1998 case,  in order to avoid paying the un-paid furlough from 2003. 

Kutz argues its too late for Guam DOE to make a claim on the 12 year old over-payment.

“They’re trying to save face and they are trying to cover up the fact that they failed to do their job for 12 years. and by attempting to bring this off-set claim now, there is no legal support for it,” said Kutz.

The case is before Superior Court Judge Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson.

Kutz says he wants the Judge to issue an order requiring Guam DOE to pay the un-paid furlough from 2003, and throw out Guam DOE’s demand for teachers to refund the amount they were over-paid 12 years ago. “The statute of limitations,” he said, “has run out.”