GFT Waits On Decision From Judge Over Whether or Not To Sign Writ Against Port Management


Guam – Guam Federation of Teachers President Matt Rector says since August of 2008, the GFT had requested to begin negotiation meetings with the Port Authority of Guam’s Management and Board of Director.


He says those meetings did not start until February 2009, but points out that those meetings were unsuccessful and a series of delays soon followed. Rector says due to the Port’s lack of cooperation, Attorney Robert Kutz has filed a writ of mandate on GFT’s behalf against the Port’s management and board of directors. Rector says one of the big issues at the port centers around the scheduling for the port workers.

Rector says, “The ports run very loose with the law with their own rules and regulations. Which says they need to receive a two week schedule two weeks in advance which can only be changed for a good cause and can not be changed to avoid overtime. Well they haven’t been doing this. These poor guys have to call in the day before to ask if they are scheduled to work or not. How can you plan your life around that.”

Rector says right now they are just waiting on the judge to sign the writ and go forward and hopefully get a good contract for the port workers.