GHRA 2018 Pacific Hotel and Restaurant Expo has some new features


Guam – The Guam Hotel and Restaurant Association kicked off its Pacific Hotel and Restaurant Expo or PHARE this morning with a ribbon cutting ceremony and a signing of the Hafa Adai Pledge. The PHARE allows businesses from Guam and the region to promote their products and services to other businesses in the hotel and restaurant industry.

For the PHARE this year the GRHRA has partnered with GVB to offer and exhibit some of the companies that have signed the Hafa Adai pledge and they’ve partnered with Guampedia to launch a pilot program that will educate people about the elements that make up Guam and the Guam brand.

“We recognize that everybody needs to learn a little bit more about our island that we represent but more importantly share a unified voice in what makes up Guam and how can we live that brand promise,” said GHRA President Mary Rhodes.

“When people come we want them to see what we’re promoting. People come to Guam for the culture. People come to Guam for the people,” said GVB’s Meriza Unpingco.

They will also be holding their professional chefs and student culinary competition along with their famous bartender’s competition on Friday night. GHRA Board Chairman Jeffrey Schweizer explains why this PHARE is so important to the industry.

“It’s about increasing the service levels on Guam. It’s about staying current with the latest industry trends, products, services, technology, all of the industry innovations that we need to learn about to be better at what we do,” said Schweizer.

And with 35 exhibitors there were many innovative products and services on display for industry professionals to peruse. Micropac inc. was among the businesses displaying their new products and services.

“It’s a great opportunity to get out and network and meet people and show all the things that we carry,” said Micropac inc. sales executive Nathan Taitano.

Joe Okada owner of the Guam Barbeque Food Company and Tunu brand says It’s a great way for small businesses to see some new products and services that can help them improve their business.

“Just coming down and checking out what all the distributors have and what the vendors have to offer,” said Okada adding, “Always looking for some new product to offer for our new menu. Change it up, or there just might be something there some new equipment that might make our stuff easier. So, we’re really just here to update ourself you know see what’s going on.”

And that’s precisely what the Pacific Hotel and Restaurant Expo is all about. The PHARE continues tomorrow and will culminate with it’s very popular bartender competition Friday night.