GHRA COVID rapid testing platform available to other organizations

Dr. Hoa Nguyen, head of the governor's Physician's Advisory Group as well as a family practice doctor at American Medical Center. (PNC file photo)

The Guam Hotel and Restaurant Association recently made news with its COVID rapid testing initiative which they hope will reopen Guam’s economy.

But the digital platform it’s based on isn’t exclusive to GHRA.

In fact, any organization can use it.

Dr. Hoa Nguyen, head of the governor’s Physician’s Advisory Group as well as a family practice doctor at American Medical Center, says the digital platform was first brought to Guam by AMC.

AMC was looking for a way to streamline its COVID testing process when it learned about stateside healthcare firm 360 Clinic.

360 Clinic uses a digital platform that has helped millions of people get tested for COVID in California and Arizona.

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Dr. Nguyen says he’s now working closely with 360 Clinic to present the platform to various GovGuam agencies, although he notes he’s not doing so as a representative of the Physicians Advisory Group.

He does say he believes the platform is highly effective and can be used to the benefit of everyone on island.

The platform is designed to seamlessly share information and help coordinate efforts among various stakeholders — from employers to employees and healthcare organizations.

The intent is to create real-time, trustworthy data that allows stakeholders to make sound decisions to protect the health of the community.

This program can work with any company, any GovGuam agency, because the main goal here is to collect all the data that’s needed in one central place. It’s stored in the cloud. So you can stay at home, you can be in your office, you can be anywhere, and you can see all the data regarding your employee, your agency, and your company. So it’s not replacing Public Health, this is really truly augmenting Public Health and working parallel with Public Health,” he said.

Dr. Nguyen says he and 360 Clinic will be meeting with various GovGuam agencies later this week.