GHRA to help non-members comply with GovGuam mandates

GHRA President Mary Rhodes (PNC file photo)

The Guam Hotel and Restaurant Association aims to help non-members — especially smaller establishments — comply with GovGuam requirements to submit a plan to keep patrons safe from COVID-19.

Under the governor’s executive order that eased PCOR 1 restrictions earlier this month, the submission and approval of a safety plan was a requirement for many businesses to reopen. 

GHRA is hoping that by working in good faith with GovGuam to ensure effective safety measures are uniformly implemented, it can help find safe, smart ways to ease restrictions on the island’s businesses. Including one of the most important restrictions to GHRA — the current ban on indoor dining in restaurants.

GHRA president Mary Rhodes told Patti Arroyo on Newstalk K57, that although they’ve been communicating the importance of submitting a safety plan to their members, they also need to reach out to non-members.

“We’re kind of preaching to the choir,” she said. “We really need a communications plan to the mom and pop stores and to the smaller restaurants…and we need to make sure that we provide workshops. Because it’s one thing to say here are the templates, here are the guidelines. But if they don’t necessarily know how to implement these protocols or how to write a plan, then let’s help write it for them.”