GHS asking mayors for inventory of available facilities to store emergency supplies


Guam Homeland Security is currently trying to find new storage facilities to hold emergency supplies.

Leo Espia, from Guam Homeland Security, stated that currently, they are trying to find new holding facilities for emergency supplies and rations and to help with waste prevention.

According to Espia, it is urgent that they find more storage facilities because the typhoon season will soon be upon us.

“We are now in the process of getting a warehouse. It is in the process. With the hope that we can have a territorial or state stockpile. This stockpile is not just triggered by COVID-19 but also triggered by typhoon preparedness in a COVID environment. So if you are not aware, we have a stockpile already implemented … we’re opening the shelters right now in Astumbo gym. So it is our desire that village mayors would look at their facilities on what areas we can store certain things,” Espia said.

With certain items having a shorter shelf life, Espia said they do their best to distribute them to people in need.

“We don’t have the storage capacity in our shop. So what we do here is inventory management so when they come in, we push it out. So we encourage village mayors to look at what capacity you have,” Espia said.

Homeland Security is currently trying to find methods to allow the public to access the rations and shelters in a safe and orderly manner while adhering to COVID-19 guidelines in the event of a natural disaster.