GHS/OCD Recommends Bolstering Cyber-Security


Due to current circumstances between Russia and Ukraine The US Department of Homeland Security, Guam Homeland Security and Civil Défense received information from the Mariana Regional Fusion Center to recommend organizations in Guam to bolstering their cyber-security stance to reduce possible cyber attacks.

According to a press release from Guam Homeland Security as well as the Office of Civil Défense, over the most recent years Russia has engaged in malicious cyber-attacks ranging from ransomware, cyber-espionage and more. Russia affected multiple different industries within the government entities, business corporations, and other economic sectors that play a huge factor for countries.

According to GHS and the OCD utilizing cyber activities to strike critical components within different operation infrastructures may apply pressure to a country’s government, military ,and population.

They recommend the following cyber-security precautions to be observed during this time of heightened tensions for example,

Ensure that software is up to date, prioritizing updates that address known vulnerabilities, utilize multi factor authentication to name a few for additional tips and best practices available to the public may be accessed at the U.S DHS cybersecurity and infrastructure security agency webpage at