GHS/OCD: Heavy Rain and Winds Expected in Next Few Days


Guam – The reason rain is cooling the sweltering start of summer on Guam is a tropical disturbance 395 miles southeast of Guam.  

It’s why rain is expected for the next few days. It also may flood in certain areas of the island. At this time, the National Weather Service is projecting the most rain and winds from Friday to Saturday this weekend. Even if the disturbance does not become a storm or veer toward our way, we’re looking at winds that gust up to 30 miles per hour. That kind of wind speed can pick up small objects that can hurt people and damage property.

We ask you to pick up small objects around your property and put them away before Friday.

The disturbance is moving slowly northwest. NWS projects, at this time, the disturbance will pass between Guam and Yap. NWS also expects that the disturbance will not become a storm until it passes below Guam.

As we all know, the weather is unpredictable. We advise residents and those hosting our visitors to pay attention to the radio for updates until the disturbance passes below us. We’ll keep you updated on the disturbance and any changes to the weather via the media, the Guam Homeland Security Facebook site, and Governor Calvo’s Facebook page (search Eddie Baza Calvo).