GHS/OCD: Safety Tips in the Event of a Mudslide


Guam –  Guam Homeland Security/Office of Civil Defense and the National Weather Service are continuing to monitor the developing system as it passes the Marianas. 

Residents can expect possible flooding, debris on roadways and mudslides associated with the rainfall.

Tips the public can do to prepare for possible mudslides:

– Check to see if your area has had mudslides in the past, and educate yourself regarding local area evacuation or emergency plans.

– Prepare your family emergency plan and disaster kits.

– During heavy rainfall, listen to weather warnings on the radio and TV.

– Look for tilted trees or posts, and listen for rumbling sounds which might indicate that a landslide or mudslide is approaching.

– If you see a small trickle of mud in a wash, creek or stream, move away from the area as quickly as possible; it may be a warning sign that a larger flow is imminent.

– If you do see a mudslide approaching, you should seek higher ground and get out of its path as quickly as possible. If you see rocks or other debris approaching your position, find shelter and take cover, if possible under a piece of heavy furniture such as a desk or table.

After a mudslide has occurred listen for emergency instructions on the radio and TV. If you see that utility lines or cables in the area are broken, treat them as live lines and report them to the proper authorities as soon as possible.