GHS/OCD: Tropical Disturbance Moving Away From Guam; Expect Better Weather by Saturday


Guam – Guam Homeland Security and Office of Civil Defense has issued an advisory reassuring island residents that the tropical disturbance forming near the Marianas is moving away from Guam and better weather conditions are expected by Saturday.

READ the release from GHS/OCD below:


We can expect better weather conditions by Saturday, according to National Weather Service. The tropical disturbance that is near us right now is moving away from us and will be out of area by tomorrow.

However, we can still expect scattered showers until Saturday.  

As of now this is what we know of the tropical disturbance:

-it will move through Guam today.

-it is expected to move west through the Marianas today and may become a tropical depression west of the islands late tonight or Friday.

-Heavy rain and isolated thunderstorms are expected for the next couple days

-Local flooding is possible for the next couple of days

-Damaging winds are NOT expected at this time.

-An urban and small stream flood advisory has been issued until 2:45 p.m., today.

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