GHURA Director Marcel Camacho Placed on 20 Day Administrative Leave in Wake of Critical Comments About Sagan Bonita


Guam – The GHURA Board today voted unanimously to place GHURA Executive Director Marcel Camacho on 20 day administrative leave in the wake of critical comments Camacho made last week about the Sagan Bonita development in Mangilao.


Last week, Camacho contacted reporters and arranged to meet them at the Sagan Bonita site where he announced that the Governor’s Office and the GHURA Board of  Directors has been fielding complaints about the Sagan Bonita affordable housing development in Barrigada, a project funded in part by GHURA.

Camacho said he was dissapointed with the state of the development.

He told PNC News:

“There are thirteen homes that still haven’t been completed and the deadline was august of last year to complete them so I want to make sure that we make the commitment to the community with all the money that was spent in upwards of 15 million dollars.”

And the GHURA Executive Director also said:

“You can see that the grass is overgrown so it begs the question of who is going to maintain these grassy areas do they think about an association of family members to keep it up do they think about restrictive covenants to ensure that things don’t pop up when they’re not supposed to be in a subdivision like this similar to like what i see to the left where someone is already building a makeshift concrete structure. this particular area isn’t even finished with the construction and already we’re seeing potential violations.”

The following day, a statement was issued by the GHURA Board calling the statement made by their own Executive Director “unprofessional and uncalled for.”

READ the GHURA Board statement from last week in FULL below:

The statement reads:

The Guam Housing and Urban Renewal Authority Board of Commissioners [BOC] does not share the comments of Mr. Marcel Camacho.”

The comments made by Mr. Camacho were unprofessional and uncalled for and not reflective of the BOC’s position on the Sagan Bonita Development Project.

Mr. Carlos Camacho is a successful businessman and developer who has produced several good housing development for our island community.

We recognize there are issues regarding the Sagan Bonita Development; these issues are being addressed by GHURA with the assistance of the Developer.