GHURA belies reports of federal receivership

Guam Housing and Urban Renewal Authority (PNC file photo)

Guam Housing and Urban Renewal Authority officials testified at today’s legislative oversight hearing, saying that the housing authority does not face the risk of being placed under federal receivership or 3rd party oversight contrary to what media reports say.

Ray Topasna, GHURA executive director, said the report of federal receivership is news to him and to the hundred-plus employees that work at GHURA.

He says he has spoken to US Housing and Urban Development officials who said that they are not aware of any discussion pertaining to any receivership.

He also noted that GHURA received passing grades with public housing at Guma Trankilidat, with a score of 80 points out of a hundred. They also received a $7 million increase in their Section 8 budget and $8 million in CARES Act funding. And they are almost done with the closure of a loan for a HUD-funded charter school.

Topasna also said that HUD gave positive reviews to GHURA’s performance at a meeting with the Lt. Governor in late 2019 and continues to receive clean opinions on annual financial statements.

What that basically means, he says, is that the numbers add up.