GHURA Misses Deadline For Medallion Procurement Protest With OPA


Guam – The Guam Housing and Urban Renewal Authority has missed it’s deadline to turn over it’s Low Income Housing Tax Credit procurement files to the Office of Public Accountability.

 The procurement files were due on January 31st five days after Medallion Guam filed it’s protest with the OPA. Medallion Guam filed it’s protest with the OPA after first filing with GHURA however after GHURA presented Medallion with what their attorneys refer to as an “information blackout”, they took their protest to the public auditor. Medallion is protesting the awarding of over $4 million dollars in federal tax credits to Great Homes and Tower 70. These two companies were ranked the lowest in their bid for tax credits by GHURA’s selection committee. Medallion Guam was ranked the highest. GHURA Executive Director Marcel Camacho told PNC news today that the GHURA board attorney Mark Smith would be responding to the OPA shortly. Great Homes is owned by the Calvo Finance Corporation, Jones&Guerrero, and Catholic Social Services. Tower 70 is owned by Robert Salas and Keith Farrel.