GHURA moves forward with technological advances

Guam Housing and Urban Renewal Authority (PNC file photo)

The Guam Housing and Urban Renewal Authority (GHURA) announces that a Virtual Receptionist System is now available at the main central office location in Sinajana, which should improve customer service and efficiency.

The system will eliminate the manual sign-in process and automate all customer requests, including the scheduling of appointments via the GHURA website, or via the kiosk now available at the front receptionist area.

In addition, when a customer signs in for an appointment or to make payments, the GHURA staff are alerted on the Virtual Receptionist Dashboard, located on their computer monitors.

“We trust that the Virtual Receptionist System will minimize the long wait times for our customers. If you aren’t comfortable with technology or you prefer the manual way of
signing-in or scheduling an appointment, GHURA will continue to have a receptionist available.

Moving forward with technological advancements in government was a campaign promise by the Leon Guerrero – Tenorio Administration,” says GHURA Executive Director Ray Topasna.

The installation of all 52 CCTV surveillance cameras was recently completed for various GHURA sites to include the Sinajana main office, Guma Trankilidat, and public housing sites in Toto, Yona, Agat and Dededo. The installation company was granted an extension to complete finishing touches such as optimizing camera angles to ensure full functionality.

“In the main office alone, we have installed 13 CCTV cameras and we will be using the latest technology available. Authorized management staff will be undergoing training to access the surveillance feed remotely (via smartphone). We are hopeful this will deter theft and other criminal activity at all of our sites and make the environments even safer for everyone,” added Topasna.