GIAA clarifies misunderstanding on airport parking

GIAA said new rules and maximum time limits have been implemented to ensure all recognized legal owners of accessible parking placards can avail of parking spaces when visiting the airport.

Concerns have been raised over the Guam International Airport Authority’s new parking lot policy but GIAA is doing its best to address the concerns and clear up misunderstandings.

One complaint, shared with NewsTalk K57’s Andrea Pellacani, stated that a traveler with a disability had parked in the regular parking lot, thinking the fees would be waived upon the presentation of the disability placard to the toll booth operator.

However, to the traveler’s dismay, the new parking lot policy only provided the allowance for 8 hours of the toll to be waived.

In response, GIAA Marketing Administrator Rolenda Faasuamalie said that the change in the policy provides for accessible parking outside of the public parking lot in the arrivals and departure areas for a period of ten or three hours.

“We made arrangements with our public parking lot partner to also extend ten hours of free parking to accessible certified patrons whether they be employees or not. Because all of our accessible parking places are always taken we needed to implement policies that give time limits,” she said.

Faasuamalie says that this policy is in line with ADA, and clarifies that the free parking time limit for accessible parking is not eight hours but ten hours if utilizing the public parking lot.

She stresses that the waiver is not for long-term parking. She added that concerns have been addressed to management and resolution was brought to those cases.