Gillian to Pangelinan – Decision Not to Renew DPHSS Contract with GARP/SPIMA was Mine, Not the Governor’s


Guam – DPHSS Director James Gillan has written to Appropriations Committee Chair Senator Ben Pangelinan advising him that the decision not to renew Public Health’s contract with the Guam Association of Retired Persons [GARP/SPIMA] was his decision, and not Governor Calvo’s.

In his letter to the Senator Gillan writes “The Governor is not targeting Seniors and would never do so …  the decision to look for other avenues to conduct the operations of the [senior] centers was mine.”

READ DPHSS Director James Gillan’s letter to Senator Pangelinan

Gillan was responding to a letter that Senator Pangelinen sent to the Governor Wednesday in which the Senator was critical of the decision by Public Health not to renew its contract with the GARP/SPIMA which has been providing services to the island’s 12 senior citizen centers.

In his letter, Senator Pangelinan called on the Governor to use his transfer authority to provide $120-thousand dollars to allow the DPHSS contract with GARP/SPIMA to continue beyond next Wednesday’s expiration.

READ Senator Pangelinan’s letter to Governor Calvo

Gillan scolds the Senator for not having “all the facts, because there seem to be some serious omissions of the history of events regarding this matter, and the budget challenges we all face.”

And the DPHSS Director also  reassures Pangelinan that arrangements have been “made to ensure that the Centers are in full operation on 1 March, 2012. That has always been the main focus of our actions; no Senior Citizen would have a gap in the daily routine at the Centers which you state is so important.”

The Mayor’s Council of Guam has agreed to continue to provide the services at the Senior centers and Gillan says “there would be no lapse in the program.”