Give Your Old Christmas Trees To The UOG Green Army


Guam- If you are ready to let go of your Christmas trees and don’t know where to dispose of it, check out the University of Guam’s Green Army.

The student organization has partnered with the Department of Agriculture to collect the trees until Wednesday and help turn it into wood chips and mulch that will be given away for free. Green Intern Eka Melani says the trees are being collected at the old hospital site by Green Army representatives. She invites the general public to participate in this green initiative.

“This is the first time UOG Green has partnered up with Department of Agriculture to receive the Christmas trees because in the past, Department of Agriculture has done this before where they receive Christmas trees” said Melani. “This is a good way to prevent people from burning their Christmas trees in the backyards and promote grass fires.”

Christmas trees can be dropped off from 8 am to 4pm until Wednesday at the old hospital road near the Bishop Felixberto Roundabout in Tamuning. Afterwards, residents can pick up the wood chips and mulch for free until Friday at the same location.