Global ‘influencers’ help promote local fashion brand

Photo shows the company's signature Foo Dog Hoodies design.

A local clothing brand is getting global support in its campaign for mental health awareness.

Analista & Co.’s campaign, which started back in October in partnership with New York-based model Phillip Fusco, has gained a following of global influencers and up and coming celebrities, who are wearing the company’s signature Foo Dog Hoodies and spreading the message of mental health awareness.

Co-founder Norman Analista talked about one of the actors supporting their campaign and expresses his gratitude to those participating in normalizing conversations surrounding this subject.

“There have been a number of influencers in my network who have worked to lend a hand. There’s one actor, his name is Dean West. He’s worn the hoodie on his social media platforms and he’s shared that particular promotional effort. There are people along the way, helping out, and a few more are scheduled to come out and we’re happy about that,” Analista said.

For every sale of their $79 Foo Dog hoodie, $15 goes as a monetary donation to the Salvation Army Lighthouse Recovery Center, a rehabilitation center focused on delivering treatment to individuals dealing with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders.

“I’m hoping that by the time we hit the deadline that it can grow a lot more. Hopefully, we can double up, double the figures so we can end up donating more to the Salvation Army Guam Corps. Even if we don’t hit the target, it’s good to know that people are still very willing to give and to support,” Analista said.

He added that the Salvation Army is appreciative of whatever amount they could get.

“We basically want to make sure that they know their work is very much appreciated,” Analista said.

To date, the clothing company was able to raise $800 for their campaign, which is set to go on until the end of November.

The other influencers wearing the Foo Dog hoodie include former The Voice contestant Cedrice and Asher Sheets from the Netflix series, Cobra Kai.