GLUC trying to collect $5.7 million in back rent from AT&T

The Guam Land Use Commission met recently and discussed the $5.7 million in back rent owed by AT&T for the use of the Tanguisson Cable station property in Dededo.

Telecommunications company AT&T owes the Guam Land Use Commission approximately $5.7 million in back rent for the use of the Tanguisson Cable station property in Dededo.

AT&T’s lease agreement includes approximately 12,000 square meters of land, easements, and the existing cable station infrastructure.

The commission has been trying to reach AT&T in an effort to seek a solution to the rent arrears it has accumulated from 2002 to 2018. In a meeting this week, GEDA real property manager Larry Toves said Linda Rankin, AT&T area manager for corporate real estate, has finally responded to the commission.

Toves read Rankin’s response to the commission: “I am working on setting up a meeting with the client group who is responsible for paying up the back rent. With the holidays and the vacation, it has been a little tricky and we should have this accomplished shortly. More than likely I would need a W9 form in order to help the payee establish an accounts paying system. I have found an appraiser for the site and will be forwarding all of the lease documents that I have for their review, and at some point they will visit the site.”

The commission wants the telecom company to pay as much back rent as they can afford by the end of fiscal year 2019 to avoid any further interest charges.

They are also looking at extending the lease contract with AT&T.

The federal government transferred the Tanguisson property to GovGuam in 2002 via quit claim deed. That same year, GovGuam transferred the property to the commission.