GLUC votes to extend deadline for controversial development project


Despite public outcry, GLUC granted Wanfang Constructions another year extension to secure a grading permit from the Department of Public Works.

Guam – The Guam Land Use Commission met today to discuss the controversial Wanfang Constructions development of the Pago Bay Ocean Resort.

On the agenda? Whether the commission could move forward with the project despite its expired permit.

“The last time we have met there was a question of whether or not the applicant had submitted their request for a permit extension on time and whether or not we could proceed with entertaining that application if they have not received it on time,” began GLUC Chairman John Arroyo.

The chairman noted that Wanfang’s Notice of Action or NOA expired May 10th.

According to Nicholas Toft, the commission’s legal counsel, the developers submitted a request for extension on May 2nd, but GLUC was not scheduled to meet until after that time frame.

“The first issue is whether the board has jurisdiction to consider the request at all,” explained Toft. He added, “But basically, the default is that a board is allowed to consider something post expiration unless there is some sort of legislation intent or in this case executive intent.”

Toft recommended that the commission approve the extension for an expired permit, but only if GLUC felt the developers could justify why Wanfang failed to make the deadline in the first place.

Meanwhile, Save Southern Guam protestors looked on with disapproval.

In a previous interview with PNC, SSG members adamantly opposed the southern development citing the expired Notice of Approval, and at least 54 conditions that have yet to be completed.

Today, protestors flaunted signs calling for the financial status of Wanfang or championing for a more responsible project. Notably among them sat Joanne Brown, the General Manager of the Port Authority of Guam as well as SSG members Dianne Strong and Joni Kerr.

Ultimately, GLUC granted Wanfang Constructions another one year extension to secure a grading permit from the Department of Public Works, meaning the controversial development project in the south is on track to continue.