VIDEO: GMA Not Pleased With Selection of Philippine Physician for Guam Olympic Team


Guam – The Guam Medical Association [GMA] is not pleased with comments from GNOC President Ric Blas that no local doctors have availed themselves to be the team physician for Guam’s team of  Olympic athletes.

The GMA has been critical of the GNOC’S selection of a doctor from the Philippines to accompany the Guam team to the Olympics in London England.

The group says a Guam doctor should have been selected, but Blas contends that no doctor has stepped up to assist GNOC since the passing of Dr. Pat Sagisi, the former team physician.

The GMA is firing back in a statement last night that says the GNOC unfairly ignored Guam’s qualified physician pool. [see the statment below]

They have sent a copy of a letter from local doctor Luis Cruz who contends that he had expressed interest to the GNOC but apparently was passed up in favor of the Dr. Jose Raul Canlas from the Philippines.

READ Dr. Cruz’s letter HERE 

In the letter, Cruz says he was the team doctor at the 2011 Pacific Games in New Caledonia and the Guam National Soccer team in Beijing. He says he specializes in sports medicine. GMA says it will continue to push for Cruz.

8 athletes from guam will compete in swimming, running, judo and cycling. 

The Guam Olymic Team Members Are:

Chris Duenas
Benjamin Schulte
Pilar Shimizu

Amy Atkinson
Derek Mandell

Ric Blas, Jr.

Maria Dunn

Derek Horton

READ the release from the GMA below:

Dear Guam Media,

I am here to send you a message from our member, Dr. Luis Cruz on the issue of Team Guam in the Olympics.

We understand that GNOC has denied the facts that there were no interest from any doctors from Guam and we like for you to get the facts straight from a local doctor.  Attached is Dr.Cruz’s letter and we hope that you will have the opportunity to have a sit down and personal interview with Dr. Cruz, so that you can hear both sides of the story, and get the facts.

Our acting President will also be issuing a second follow up letter in support of Dr. Cruz.  On behalf of our GMA board of officers, we believe that the Olympics is about everyone here on island, it’s about Guam, it’s about our Team Guam, our athletes, our doctors, our nurses, our representation of this island and the people who are from here locally.  This is a TEAM that is suppose to represent the people of Guam and Dr. Cruz, a local boy who grew up on island, went to FD, gone to medical school and residency and returned to the island to serve our people.   He is the righteous choice to be the Team Physician taking care of Guam’s Olympic Team.

GNOC has unfairly ignored our Guam’s qualified physician pool, and for them to state that there were no interested local physicians is wrong.  Please speak to Dr. Cruz personally and he will set the facts straight.

Our GMA is here to advocate for health of the public as well as our members, and Team Guam’s health and welfare is of our public concern.

Pram Sullivan

GMA Executive Director