GMA’s Second Medical Mission to Typhoon Ravaged PI, Returns Home After Another Successful Trip


Guam – The Guam Medical Association has wrapped up its second mission to the Philippines.

This trip was to Tacloban City, the heart of the damage done by Super Typhoon Haiyan last September.

Almost 3 months after the wrath of Haiyan, GMA President Dr. Tom Shieh said upon arriving that the devastation was worse than what he anticipated. He said many survivors still need medical attention.

During their 4 days mission, the GMA team of  doctors provided medical care and dispensed medicine to hundreds.

Dr. Shieh sent PNC News photos of the mission. They show huge sea going vessels, still stranded on shore, on top of homes destroyed by the storm. He said some families who have lost their homes, are now taking refugee inside the stranded ships.

Dr. Shieh called this second visit “a very humbling experience”. He said it affects how he looks at life,  and how we should be grateful and treasure what we have.

The GMA team arrived back on Guam this morning.