GMH Administrator Says He Doesn’t Abuse Government Credit Card


GMH Administrator Ted Lewis is responding to a letter from Governor Calvo in which the Governor asks the GMH Board Chairman to look into allegations of abuse of a government credit card by Lewis.

Guam – GMH Administrator Ted Lewis says he did not abuse his privilege to use a government credit card.


 Governor Eddie Calvo has written a letter to Guam Memorial Hospital board chairman Lee Webber asking him to look into allegations that GMH Administrator Ted Lewis has been abusing his government credit card. “Do I feel that there’s been anything inappropriate, no. I do not believe that,” said Lewis. PNC asked “You do not believe that you have been inappropriately using this credit card?” “That is correct,” replied Lewis.

 In his letter Governor Calvo also wrote that Lewis “allegedly dines using the card almost every work day.” “There’s some talk in the letter that says he’s[Governor Calvo] heard rumors that you use it to sort of dine every night…is that true?” asked PNC. “No. It’s not true,” replied Lewis.

 Lewis says that most of his dinners are used for recruitment and retention of doctors and other staff. “It certainly doesn’t average out to be everyday,” said Lewis. The GMH Administrator says these dinner meetings with prospective and current staff are important considering that GMH now has competition from the GRMC.


 “Most recently I met with a couple docs who are here on an interim basis that are very bright and very good potential prospects for us. We are hoping that we will have them here on a permanent basis,” said Lewis. The GMH Administrator says that he’s confident that if the hospital board and Governor review his credit card expenses that they will see no wrongdoing. 


  1. Why is this guy even using a government credit card in the first place? Would anyone exercise restraint if there were no consequences for constantly using it? I say either take the card away or limit it’s use to meetings at any McDonald’s or Wendy’s restaurants.

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