GMH Allotment for October Still Unpaid


Based on the 2016 budget law and the hospital’s own calculations, GMH anticipates receiving about $2 million a month in allotments.

Guam – The Calvo Administration responded to PNC’s inquiries regarding the Guam Memorial Hospital’s fiscal year 2016 allotment for the month of October and why it hasn’t been paid. They say it’s because they had other obligations they had to pay for.



GMH CEO Ted Lewis last Friday told us that he was unsure whether or not the hospital had received its anticipated allotment for the month of October.

But Governor’s Spokesperson Oyaoal Ngirairikl yesterday told haven’t been able to transmit payment because they had to pay some bonds and also make COLA payments.

Last week retirement fund Director Paula Blas told us that about $15 million was deposited just in time to meet the November 1st deadline to make COLA payments to retirees.

It’s not clear how much GMH was expecting for their October allotment, but based on the FY16 budget law and the hospital’s own calculations, GMH is expecting about $25 million for the entire year, which, if divided into 12 months, is about $2 million a month.

We also reported last week that GMH was put on notice by Perry Point for a past due balance of over $1 million. Perry Point is a major federal contractor that has, in the past, garnished GMH’s medicare reimbursements.