GMH Board Completes Investigation Into Credit Card Usage


The GMH board has completed it’s investigation into Administrator Ted Lewis’ usage of a government credit card but the results of that investigation have not been made public. 

Guam – The Guam Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees has concluded it’s investigation into the credit card spending of it’s Administrator.


 The investigation was launched after Governor Eddie Calvo wrote the board and asked them to look into allegations that Hospital Administrator Ted Lewis was abusing his government credit card. According to the Governor’s letter there were allegations that Lewis had been dining with the credit card everyday. Lewis told PNC in an interview that all of his credit card usage was justified. He told PNC that he used the credit card to dine with prospective and current hospital employees. Lewis said these dinners were necessary to help with the recruitment and retention of employees especially considering the competition with the new private hospital. The details of the independent review of Lewis’ credit card usage are not available, However GMH Spokeswoman June Perez did confirm for PNC that the investigation was complete and that “The board will act in the best interests of GMH. No further details are available at this time.”




  1. Why not limit Administrator Ted Lewis’ usage of the card to McDonald’s or Wendy’s? He can entertain his clients using the dollar menu.

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