GMH breaks silence on c-section series but offers little information

(PNC file photo)

Guam – Since the birth of our c-section series involving mothers who say they were medically injured during their procedures, the Guam Memorial Hospital is confirming that they’ve received at least one official complaint.

PNC had reached out to GMH CEO PeterJohn Camacho following the first story that aired but he told us that because of potential legal issues, he’s unable to comment.

However, on News Talk K57’s Mornings with Patti today, Camacho revealed that GMH had received at least one official complaint from the among three mothers we’ve featured so far. He did not disclose which of the three officially filed a complaint.

If you’ll recall, the three cases involve one from 2014, another from 2016 and one from May 2018.

PNC is aware of at least one of the mothers filing a complaint with GMH dating back to 2014. It’s not clear if that’s the same complaint Camacho was referring to, but he told K57 that GMH is “currently in the process of determining whether there’s merit.”

He then spoke about the review process.

“We are doing our due diligence and reviewing but outside of that I can’t really comment based on guidance from our legal counsel,” said Camacho.

Camacho says patients will not have the ability to appeal a decision with the hospital after a decision has been made.

“If the person or the individual, rather, feels that the decision is incorrect that would be where an attorney situation will come in,” he said. “There’s also the government claims act which will allow someone who feels that there has been some … that they can go through that way.”

As we had previously mentioned, two of the mothers have consulted with legal counsel. One of the mothers, Nichol Flores, says she’s unable to afford an attorney beyond the consultation while the other mother, April Guerrero, told us that she was unable to secure the commitment of two physicians who could testify on her behalf which is what her attorney had required.

Alissa Nededog had just been released from the hospital recently and says she is in the process of seeking legal counsel.