GMH Confident Power Bill Will Be Paid & Lights Will Stay On at Hospital


Guam – Guam Memorial Hospital is confident it can come up with the funds it needs to pay off its October power bill before a cut-off deadline set by the Guam Power Authority.

GMH is under a state of fiscal emergency because it owes  $22 million dollars to various vendors.  A relatively small amount of about $39-thousand is owed to the Guam Power Authority.

GPA Spokesman Art Perez says that GPA has already given the hospital one extension to pay the bill. “Of course we don’t want to cut them off, they’re our only Public Hospital,” said Perez, “but we can’t provide power for free.”

GMH paid $75-thousand last Friday, another $30-thousand was paid yesterday, Monday. The Guam Power Authority has given the Hospital until Friday to pay the balance.

GMH Spokesman Connor Murphy could not guarantee that the payment would be made on time, but he expressed confidence that it would be made by the Friday deadline.

GPA Spokesman Perez said that power would be shut off  on Monday if the payment is not received by the deadline.

Technicians have been sent to the Hospital to ensure that GMH’s generators are working properly, in the event that a cut-off  becomes necessary.