GMH Employees Denied Retirement Because of Past Due Balance


GMH says they are behind in retirement fund payments by about $1 million.

Guam – At least four Guam Memorial Hospital employees have been denied retirement because the hospital is behind on its retirement fund payments, the director for the GovGuam Retirement Fund, Paula Blas, confirmed for PNC.

GMH Spokesperson June Perez says the hospital is behind by about a million dollars in retirement fund payments.

Blas tells PNC that for the defined benefits plan, GMH missed a $478,000 payment on November 23 for the pay period ending October 31. She says they are also behind in the defined contribution plan by about $148,000.

In response to questions regarding employees being denied retirement, Perez said, “We do not choose to deny employees retirement, but the harsh reality is even though they elect to retire, their retirement cannot be processed by the GovGuam Retirement office until GMH is compliant with its retirement obligation.”

Blas explains that any department that’s behind in its retirement fund payments will not be issued eligibility statements for any of its employees who wish to retire.

Perez says the hospital administration is doing everything it can to meet its obligations to its employees and to its patients.