Vendors Put GMH On Credit Hold


GTA TeleGuam and JMI Edison were among those who threatened to put the Guam Memorial Hospital on credit hold for hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.

Guam – At least four Guam Memorial Hospital vendors have threatened or have already put the hospital on credit hold because of hundreds of thousands of dollars in outstanding debt.

PNC obtained these letters through a Freedom of Information Act Request.

The four vendors are JMI Edison, a medical supplier, GTA Teleguam which provides communication services to GMH, Blue Sky Traders, a parts and equipment supply company and Roche Diagnostics Corporation.

In November 2015, JMI Edison sent GMH a notice that if they don’t make a minimum payment of $200,000, GMH would be placed on credit hold.

Similarly, GTA sent a letter on December 9 asking for a minimum $65,000 payment because of an outstanding $221,000 bill.

GTA stated that they would disconnect all phone lines except for critical phone lines.

Also in December, Blue Sky and Roche Diagnostics sent collection notices to GMH.



  1. I’ll bet if GMH was aggressively pursuing repayment of services rendered from those WHO DON’T PAY, these debts would have been cleared already. So the lesson is this, if you want medical care, you either pay for it or work out a payment plan. NOTHING IS FREE IN THIS WORLD. Get the point!

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