Naval Hospital will accept civilian emergency cases


Naval Hospital today agreed to accept civilian emergency cases because the emergency rooms at both Guam Memorial Hospital and Guam Regional Medical City are full.

Spokeswoman Jaciyn Matanane has confirmed that Naval Hospital has agreed to accept any civilian emergency cases but as of Wednesday afternoon no civilian cases had been diverted to the military hospital.

GRMC spokeswoman Cindy Hanson reports that GRMC has been in deferment since Tuesday morning. GMH administrator Lillian Posadas also confirmed that they too have been in deferment status since yesterday.

Divert status normally means that emergency patients would be diverted to the other hospital, but since both are filled, Naval Hospital has agreed to take on emergency patients.

Beds are still available at both GMH and GRMC, but not in their emergency departments.

GRMC’s Hanson said it is not clear that any one disease has caused the increase in emergency room visits this week.

Public Health Director Linda DeNorcey said she has not received any notice from either hospital about an increase in any particular disease. But she did note that it is flu season and dengue fever remains an ongoing concern.