GMH Has Run Out of Morphine & Demerol; Only 2 Pain Killers Available for Use


Guam – Guam Memorial Hospital Spokesman Connor Murphy confirms that GMH has run out of the pain killers morphine and Demerol

“Right now there is no morphine,” said Murphy.”What we’re using as pain killers is Dilaudid and Fentanyl … and we’re also waiting on an order of Demerol to come to us. Its in transit on Fedex so it should be hear today or tomorrow. So that will give us 3 different painkillers to use for patients  depending on what their needs are.”

As for the morphine, its on back-order explained Murphy and its not clear when it will arrive.

“The morphine? We are waiting for an order from our supplier,” said Murphy. The supplier is the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, said Murphy. “It’s on back order … they’re trying to source the medication in order to give it to us.” he said.

The fact that GMH has run out of the pain killer “is not because of a payment issue,” said Murphy. “That vendor has not put us on hold,” Murphy said.





Connor Murphy

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Hi folks, since you’ve all done stories on the subject I just wanted to give
you an update and let you know we got an order of Demerol in today. We also
got some morphine and Fentanyl, which are two other narcotic painkillers.

Connor Murphy
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Guam Memorial Hospital Authority
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