GMH Hopes To Introduce Online Bill Pay by the End of the Year


GMH CFO Benita Manglona says bids for the RFP are due this week.

Guam – The Guam Memorial Hospital hopes to introduce an online bill pay service before the end of the year.

GMH CFO Benita Manglona told PNC last week that GMH has been working on this project as a way to boost its revenues. By introducing online bill pay, she believes patients will have better access to their hospital bills and will have the ability to set up auto pay as well.

She notes that it will be more convenient for patients to pay online instead of having to drive to the hospital to make payments.

“We’re excited about that and that,” she says. “That’s one of the things that I worked on with the IT department, so we’re able to have that RFP out. It took a while to get it going because we’re developing it and we’ve never done it before.”

Manglona says bids are due this week. She adds that one of the requirements for interested bidders is to submit references of previous work to ensure that the proposers are reputable companies.





  1. That’s good for those who choose to pay. What about those who continue to seek medical care but don’t pay for it? Honestly, are we running a hospital or charitable organization? Maybe an amendment to the Organic Act will solve this ongoing problem of people who think the government will continue to give out FREE MEDICAL CARE. You want medical care? Then pay for it like everyone else!

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