GMH Issues Vendor Listing After First Refusing to Release Documents


GMH released the report just before news time today.

Guam – The Guam Memorial Hospital yesterday refused to provide PNC with copies of all their accounts payable and the amounts owed as requested under the Freedom of Information Act. GMH CEO PeterJohn Camacho was on Newstalk K57 this morning to explain.

GMH Administrator PeterJohn Camacho was on the Mornings with Patti show on Newstalk K57 this morning in which he gave a detailed explanation as to why GMH refused to provide PNC with a listing of all their accounts payable. This is despite a formal request we made through the Freedom of Information Act submitted on February 25th. 

“It’s a dynamic document. It’s not static and it’s constantly moving, never really a final report because it changes. Even today if someone were to tell me from accounting that this is the accounts payable amount as of when that report may have been looked at, within a couple of hours it can seriously change,” he explains. “We make a payment and then gosh darnit we get an invoice from them that same day and it goes right back up. It’s really fluid in that respect.”

Host of Newstalk K57’s 1 Free Rephill, Phill Leon Guerrero, who was on the Mornings with Patti show at the time, also joined the conversations. “I think the difficulty, PeterJohn, is that you guys have released a list of vendor payables before,” Leon Guerrero pointed out.


In fact, GMH has released copies of their vendor payables to PNC in the past even without a FOIA request. Back in August, GMH provided us with a listing of accounts payable dated for August 3 of 2015.

At the time, their total debt was $16.7 million. The A/P listing was broken down by payroll, contract/house doctors, dietary, utilities, vendor payables, legal, insurance and patient refunds. It even broke down the amounts by the age of the payables, like current or over 30, 60, and 90 days past due. During the time that the listing was released to PNC, Manglona was CFO and Ted Lewis was the CEO.

“It was released publicly before and why not say, be very clear that this is a snapshot in time. I just think that the concern is, if it was released once before what’s the reason for not releasing it this time?” Leon Guerrero questioned.

“I can continue that conversation with Benita and other people who are probably more familiar with that, Phill. I understand what you’re saying,” said Camacho.

While Camacho explained this on newstalk k57, his official response to PNC was “Unable to provide list as per CFO.”

Shortly before news time, PNC received an email from Camacho in which he attached PNC’s request for the hospital’s vendor listing and the amounts owed.




  1. Will that listing be printed by PNC?
    Peter John Camacho was a prior GMH administrator. GQPUBLIC speculates that all those Outstanding Payables were never addressed by Camacho. GQPUBLIC wants to see all non-vendor payables, and the number of years of non-payment. Yes, that’s the BLACK EYE and DOPHE AWARD to the Executive and Legislative Branch(TWIGS).

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