GMH Meets Deadline for $300K Power Bill


A power bill of $300,000 was due today.

Guam – Today is the deadline for the Guam Memorial Hospital to avoid having their lights turned off tomorrow morning. GMH Spokesperson June Perez says they were able to make a payment of about $300,000 this afternoon.


Last month GMH was threatened with disconnection by both Guam Power and Guam Waterworks Authority for a $1 million delinquency that was 10 months past due.

To avert a utility crisis, the hospital entered into a payment plan with GPA and GWA to pay their balance in full within three months.

GPA Spokesman Art Perez says the $300,000 covers their past due bill of about $130,000 and $170,000 for their current power bill.

Last week, GMH was able to meet its water bill deadline for a payment of $136,000.