GMH MRI Idle for the Past Year While Support Funds to Operate It Were Raised


Guam – A Magnetic Resonance Imaging [MRI] machine donated to the Guam Memorial Hospital a year ago this month is still not in operation.

The MRI was originally owned by the Ilao family and then passed into the hands of the Hope Foundation which donated it to GMH last October. But it has not been used to diagnose patients since.

GMH Spokesman Connor Murphy told PNC News that it has been a challenge the cash strapped hospital to raise the $250-thousand needed to get it up and running.

The MRI machine itself is working, but can’t be operated until all the support equipment is in place to operate it.

“We had to get a maintenance contract, the fire suppression system, a couple emergency backup batteries, oxygen, helium for the machine, and a few other things.” he said.

Murphy says he expects the MRI to be in service by the end of the year. And, it has the potential to generate a revenue stream for GMH of  between  $1 and $2 million dollars a year.