GMH Needs Platelet Donations During Holiday Season


Guam- The Guam Memorial Hospital (GMH) has recently seen an increase in the need for platelets and is asking for donations from the community this holiday season.

Lab Administrator Glenda Pangelinan says platelets are necessary to plug up breaks in blood vessels. She mentions patients receiving chemotherapy or have other conditions at the hospital are the ones most in need for platelet transfusions. However, because platelet donations only have a shelf life of 5 days, Pangelinan says it’s hard to keep up with the hospital’s demand. She hopes people consider giving a different kind of gift for the holidays to help save lives.

“This is something they probably never considered” said Pangelinan. “It’s something for them to now think of, the need is there throughout the year. Starting it during the Christmas season is a great way to start it. We are open Monday to Friday for pre-screening.”

Pangelinan adds anyone interested in being pre-screened to donate their platelets can call (671) 647-3276 or (671) 646-7733. Once a person has cleared the pre-screening process, an appointment will be made. She mentions getting platelets from someone takes about an hour, but people should expect to be at the GMH Blood Bank for up to 2 hours.