GMH Out Of Drug For Epidurals; Awaiting Shipment Since November


Guam- The Guam Memorial Hospital (GMH) has been out of the drug used for epidurals for about a month now.

GMH spokesman Connor Murphy says they placed 2 orders of the drug called Duramorph from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. One order was placed in early November and the other at the end of December, but no shipment has come in yet.

Murphy adds this issue has nothing to do with payment because they are not on credit hold with the vendor. However, he admits payment issues with other vendors is indirectly affecting epidural supplies.

“Once our payment issues are resolved with other vendors, then we’ll have other supply lines opened up to us that we can use to procure supplies” said Murphy. “Right now the choices we have for vendors are limited because some vendors have us on hold. So, we have to work with what they can give us pretty much right now.”

In the meantime, GMH is still offering other options for laboring mothers. Murphy adds it is a juggling act to pay vendors, and admits it is no way to run a hospital. However, they are working with what they have. He also says they waiting for a loan of $12 million dollars to be finalized and signed off by the Attorney General and the Governor’s Office. If approved, Murphy says this loan will pay off the hospital’s vendors.