GMH Owed $400K By Contractors; New Legislation Seeks Payment Or Licenses May Be Revoked


Guam- Vice Speaker BJ Cruz and Senator Dennis Rodriguez have introduced legislation to require contractors to make good on their financial obligations to the Guam Memorial Hospital (GMH).

As it stands now, over $400 thousand dollars in unpaid bills for temporary non immigrant workers is owed to GMH. If passed into law, Bill 49 would suspend or revoke a contractor’s professional license if it fails to meet its financial obligation. With a rise in overseas workers during the military buildup, the senators are worried these unpaid bills will also rise in the millions. GMH spokesman Connor Murphy says it’s already an issue.

“It’s already an issue today without the buildup. And then with the buildup coming, it’ll only get bigger” said Murphy. “Between 2007 and now, we’ve had over $400 thousand dollars in billings go unpaid for this type of patient. So you know, as more and more workers come to Guam, that figure is only going to increase. So we’re really appreciative of the work they are doing and hope to see this move into law.”

The senators are also looking to amend the H-2 certification requirements so contractors provide health insurance to their employees.

Meanwhile, GMH is still waiting for the Attorney General, Guam Economic Development Authority (GEDA) and the Governor’s Office to sign off on a $12 million dollar loan so the hospital can buy critical supplies and pay down bills.