GMH Participates in Celebrating National Radiological Technology Week


120 years after x-rays were discovered, the National Radiological Technology Week is celebrated every year throughout the nation. 

Guam – Last week, GMH celebrated their National Radiologic Technology Week to commemorate the discovery of x-rays and to recognize the important role that radiologists play in performing technical imaging.


Evangeline Chaco, a staff radiology technologist at GMH, took PNC on a tour of the hospital’s Radiology Department, equipment and staff.


Radiology Technological Week is celebrated annually across the nation from November 8 to 14 to celebrate Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen’s discovery of x-rays in 1895. 


“This weeklong celebration plays an important role in recognizing the hard work medical imaging professionals play in the lives and patient care, and health safety. Highly technical images are performed by these professionals which affects the lives and medical process of millions of patients,” said Chaco. 


Two radiologists also talked about their experiences in dealing with difficult situations such as accidents and trauma, and thanked the radiology department for their sacrifices and teamwork.