GMH Power Bill Due Thursday by 5 PM


GMH has until 5 pm Thursday to make a $300,000 payment to the Guam Power Authority.

Guam – The Guam Memorial Hospital’s power bill is due tomorrow by 5 pm and although it hasn’t been paid, GMH says they will meet their Thursday deadline.


GMH Spokesperson June Perez says the hospital plans to make a payment of close to $300,000 by tomorrow to the Guam Power Authority.

GPA Spokesperson Art Perez says if the payment isn’t received by 5 pm Thursday, power will be cut off early Friday morning.

Last week, the hospital was able to meet its deadline for their water bill to the Guam Waterworks Authority. These payments are part of a payment plan the hospital entered into with the utility agencies after they were threatened with disconnection last month because of a $1 million delinquency owed to both utility agencies.

Meanwhile, it’s not clear how much in outstanding vendor payables the hospital owes. Perez says GMH is not comfortable with issuing out the number because they are in the process of reconciling their old and new system and their data is not ready to go live.

On February 9, GMH’s debt stood at $25.9 million, the highest its ever been in GMH history.







  1. Here we go again. GMH has no MONEY! G Calvo will SAVE FACE by getting using FUNDS from some other account, ie, 2016 Section 30 Funds! Jest guessing cuz Magic Money tree getting peppered by those pesky RED FIRE ANTS! Granted, current current Sin-ators has offered no economic, financial scheme to address the ongoing financial flip-flops; the Sin-ators maintain financial demise by their own personal pay raises and political graft. Guahan can’t win! SELECTION RACE approaches and no potential candidate has offered any novel financial plan. GMH phased out the old legacy system. GQPUBLIC wants to know who the software vendor is! GMH accepted the Software without true comprehension of WHAT GMH PURCHASED! Ignorance is bliss for the Fraudulent software vendor! Jest wondering!

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