GMH Releases Vendor Payables Listing; Largest Debt is $6.8M for Withholding


GMH’s vendor payables that was provided to PNC is dated March 21, 2016.

Guam – The vendor payable listing the Guam Memorial Hospital provided to PNC from an overdue Freedom of Information Act request we sent them shows that the hospital’s largest debt is in withholding tax which is about $6.8 million.


The hospital released the report late last Friday after first refusing to provide us with a copy.

GMH CEO Peter John Camacho emphasizes that the report is dated March 21 and is subject to change. The total outstanding debt as of March 21\ was $25.9 million with about $18.7 million of that over 90 days past due, $3.2 million over 60 days past due, $2.7 million over 30 days past due and $1.1 million in current debt.

Their largest outstanding is owed to the Treasurer of Guam for withholding tax of about $6.8 million.

They also still owe the GovGuam Retirement Fund $2.7 million, however Retirement Fund Director Paula Blas last week said the hospital has been making timely payments as of late and is on a payment plan for their the amounts that are overdue.

Some of the larger balances are to the American Red Cross Blood Services of $863,000; Diagnostic Lab Services of $587,000; JC Marketing at $1.1 million; JMI Edison at $972,000; MD Wholesale at $1.2 million; Perry Point at $957,000; and Pacific Laundry and Textile at $407,000.

Again, these numbers are dated for March 21 and are subject to change.