GMH Run Down Conditions Circulate Through Social Media

There are only 3 COVID-related hospitalizations at GMH. (PNC file photo).

The Guam Memorial Hospital continues to be the center of attention — with videos of the current run down conditions at GMH circulating through social media.

PNC’s Althea Engman spoke with GMH to get their comment on the situation.

In these videos, you can see what is a result of a 50+ year old building with roof tiles rotting, wet floors and buckets of water caused by roof leakages and a portable air conditioning unit at the nursery among others.

Cindy Hanson, GMH PIO said, “The majority of the leaks come from two places one obviously leaks in the roof and then also sometimes the deck work for the air conditioning, just like when your aircon at home starts getting condensation the deck works ends up with the same thing so we end up with leaks dripping from the roof but of course the major culprit is the roof.”

Currently, GMH has 3 contractors who are going to be starting the final work on the major sections of the roof to problem areas and according to Hanson, the project should make a dramatic difference on the leaking issues.

Moreover, they are also doing improvement projects for Maternal and Child Health units with one being a large upgrade to the air conditioning starting this October.

Additionally, Hanson gave further comments regarding concerns from the public — with an example being Senatorial Candidate Joaqin Leon Guerrero — who question’s why the hospital is using funds to build a new hospital rather than renovating the current building.

she said, “I would just remind the public that we have had the US Army Corps of engineers come out and evaluate the hospital and they gave a projected amount figure for what it would cost to completely renovate gmh and fix everything that needs to be fixed and bring everything else up to a better level. The cost for that was more than the cost to build a brand new hospital.”

According to Hanson, the projection for the completion of the hospital will take about 5-8 years and added that in the interim we need a new hospital but for now they are going to make as much repairs as they can to keep GMH going because it is the only public hospital Guam has.

Althea Engman PNC News First.

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