GMH upgrades radiology suite as it celebrates radiology week


Guam – Guam Memorial Hospitals have announced that it has upgraded its radiology equipment which will translate to savings for the cash-strapped hospital.

And the upgrade was made just in time to celebrate National Radiologic Technology Week. GMH celebrated radiology week in early November but a proclamation ceremony was held last week to officially commemorate the vital work provided by radiology staff on Guam.

The celebration could not have come at a better time as the hospital announces upgrades to its radiology equipment, including digital X-ray capabilities, a CT scanner and a mammography services. These are upgrades that will save the hospital money and time and the most important savings of all, lives.

“So we have now digital radiographic, which means chest X-rays and abdominal X-rays and other X-rays are taken digitally which increases the diagnostic quality. It decreases the time from taking the image to getting the results,” said Dr. Miran Ribati, GMH interventional radiologist.

“Just the CT scanner alone, right now we’re getting diversions from the Navy Hospital, so it’s truly important that we get the new machine and it’s used for everybody in Guam,” said radiologist Dr. Tuan Nguyen.

“We also have mammography that we have just become certified that we can start accepting mammography again at GMH. That service has been absent for about seven years and now we’ve just started, just this month. And the big importance in the X-ray becoming digital is that if we didn’t do that by January next year we’re gonna be seeing like a seven percent decrease in our reimbursement from Medicare. So it was very important that we upgrade the X-ray and we’re happy that we’ve met that timeline,” noted GMH CFO Benita Manglona.

In addition, GMH announces that its interventional service is also growing with other procedures not available before. While GMH celebrated the radiology milestone the week of November 4, the proclamation recognizes radiology week from November 11 to 17.