GMH Vendor Payables Now at $24 Million


GMH’s GovGuam Retirement Fund debt is also now close to $3 million.

Guam – The Guam Memorial Hospital’s debt is now at $24 million.

GMH Spokesperson June Perez confirmed the amount this morning. The hospital’s outstanding vendor payables has slowly crept up to alarming levels over the last few months.


On December 9, GMH’s debt went from 19 million to $21 million. Then on January 11, then-CEO Ted Lewis said the hospital owed $23 million in vendor payables.


Among those GMH owes the most are the GovGuam Retirement Fund by nearly $3 million, the Department of Revenue in Taxation by about $6 million in withholding tax, and various other federal and local vendors.


The hospital has been on unstable ground in recent weeks after three board members suddenly stepped down last month amid controversy surround the hospital’s leadership. There was also the resignation of Ted Lewis, who had only been serving as GMH Administrator for about seven months.


Governor Calvo has empaneled a fiscal advisory team which has identified some cost-saving measures, however it’s too early to tell what kind of impact these actions will have on the hospital.