CMS Grants Waiver to GMH, Giving Hospital Until Dec. 30 to Correct Deficiencies


Guam – The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services [CMS] has granted Guam Memorial Hospital the waiver the hospital sought to the 30-day deadline CMS imposed on GMH to correct deficiencies found at the hospital during an inspection this past May.

GMH Spokesman Ed Crisostimo says a letter from CMS dated August 16th was received today [Tuesday] by the hospital and it grants the waiver the hospital requested and gives GMH until December 30th to correct those deficiencies.

READ the letter from CMS to GMH

The deficiencies cited by CMS had to do with the physical structure of the hospital which were found to violate fire safety standards and were so severe that CMS concluded that GMH no longer met the conditions for participation in the federal Medicare program.

CMS warned that they had initiated a process which could led to the termination of GMH’s Medicare certification,  which would jeopardized millions of dollars in federal reimbursements that the hospital relies on.

The CMS letter states that “although  your facility currently does not meet all of the life safety code requirements, your facility does provide a reasonable degree of fire safety and waiver of the identified requirement would not adversely affect resident or staff health and safety.”

Spokesman Crisostimo says that he is confident that the deficiencies cited by CMS can be corrected by the December 31th deadline.