GMH working to pay off tax debt; administrator says no politics in Manglona resignation

There are only 3 COVID-related hospitalizations at GMH. (PNC file photo).

The Guam Memorial Hospital is working to pay off its debt with the Department of Revenue and Taxation to avoid a possible lien that could adversely affect the hospital’s finances.

In an interview with the Patti Arroyo show on NewsTalk K57, GMH administrator Lillian Perez-Posadas said GMH owes Rev & Tax $8.7 million because the hospital didn’t remit employee withholding taxes to the Department of Revenue and Taxation.

The previous hospital administration didn’t remit the withholding taxes during times when money was tough and it had to have enough cash to avoid payless paydays.

Posadas said that they knew about this practice when they took over administration of the hospital. But Posadas said they didn’t know the severity of the issue until Rev & Tax sent its collection letter this week.

Posadas said she’s not blaming DRT because she knows they’re just doing their job.

GMH has been trying to collect some $6 million owed by the Department of Corrections to help settle the debt with Rev & Tax.

Posadas also said there’s no politics involved in the resignation of former hospital CFO Benita Manglona. She said her administration just wants to set a new direction in the management of the hospital’s finances.

The hospital’s assistant CFO, Yuka Hechanova, has temporarily taken over the CFO position.