GMHA Board Forgoes Stipends


Guam – The Guam Memorial Hospital Authority (GMHA) Board of Trustees voted unanimously during last night’s meeting to forgo any stipends due to them under public law.


This vote reaffirms a tradition carried out by the GMHA Board of Trustees since fiscal year 2002, despite an increase in the amount given to trustees recently enacted by Public Law 30-190.

P.L. 30-190 raised the amount due to each board member from $50 a meeting to $100 a meeting, not to exceed $400 a month. However, in an official
resolution passed last night, the trustees voted to continue not to accept compensation from the Hospital.

“All of us on the Board of Trustees are also members of the Guam community and our friends and family are cared for at GMH just like anyone else’s,”
said Dr. Robert Gatewood, Chairman of the GMHA Board of Trustees. “This is a small gesture, but we wanted to do what we could to give back.”

“Our current Trustees have all been with us at GMH for many years, and their dedication and leadership have been one of the key factors in our
success in attaining full accreditation,” said PeterJohn D. Camacho, MPH. “This is just another example of their care and commitment, and we thank
them for it.”